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America's Choice Website is a business group consisting of several independent business owners.  The business owners listed on this website are 1 part (America's Choice) of a 7 part group (if you are part of another group, please visit that group's website).  In order to be a part of our business group, each business must have a minimum rating of 4 out of 5 stars.  All businesses must also comply with America's Choice guidelines. 
The website serves as an advertising and contact point for all of our business members.  The main customer service representative at 513-578-0319 is capable of answering any question for any of our business members.  In addition to the website, the business group handles most administrative duties, calls, scheduling, contracting, accounting and various other duties for our small business owners so that they do not have to staff and run a full time office as well as aiding in protecting the small business owners assets and bank accounts.
MOVING:  all areas are required to agree and accept our uniform pricing.  The quotes submitted from our contact forms are exact and the moving companies agree to abide by the quote. 
America's Choice assumes no liability for our business owners and will not divulge confidential information. 

TO CONTACT A BUSINESS MANAGER/OWNER, PLEASE USE THE FORM BELOW (Please note a detailed reason for the contact request.  Submissions without a reason will be filtered as spam by the system):