Licensed to move household goods:  CPCN 00607018

Insured through progessive for 750,000 transportation and 25,000 cargo.  

INSURANCE/BREAKAGE/DAMAGE/OTHER ISSUES for our moving and pickup/delivery services for local moves

100% Cargo insurance is included for wrecks for breakage/damage during transportation.  

The industry standard for insurance is .60 cents per pound.  So if your LED tv is broken by a company that provides the industry standard and the weight is 30 pounds, you will receive $18 with most other moving companies.  Our transportation insurance covers 100 percent to the replace the item if the item is damaged while in transit and up to 50% of the base cost of the move for non-transportation.  Our insurance is well above industry standards.  

Non transportation damages:  DAMAGE/BREAKAGE AND ANY ISSUES MUST BE REPORTED BEFORE THE MOVERS LEAVING, NO EXCEPTIONS!  This policy is enforced in order to eliminate false claims in order to keep our rates low.
 ANY discount given in the flat rate quote or any additional discounts given by the movers is equal to the amount of the customer deductible against any claims/complaints. The discount will be applied against the amount of the claim.  Major damage is limited up to 50% of the base rate of the move or .60 per pound, whichever is greater.  
Minor damage (scratching and minor breaks) is 10%. 

Any damage issue must be positively identified as a result of the move and reported prior to the movers leaving.  The insurance agent can not take a customer at his "word" in order to file a claim, there can be no doubt that the damage was caused during the course of the move.  
Since we do not offer packing services, damage from poor packing or the bottom of a box falling out or over filled is not covered.  
Insurance does not cover items that 2 movers and a dolly are not able to move comfortably.  For this reason, we will usually decline a move that involves an item over 200 pounds such as a piano, pool table, commercial equipment, safe, hot tub, large marble/stone/granite top furniture.....   All boxes and totes must be packed to be comfortably lifted by one mover.  No box/tote shoud require 2 movers.  
Scratching or damage caused by trying to get an item that is too large into a hallway/space/doorway that even if careful handling will come in contact with a wall/doorframe/floor is not covered.  
Damage caused by unhooking a washer by the normal turning force with a wrench is not covered. 
Floor protection is the customer's responsibility.  
Only items listed on the contact form to get a quote or follow up emails are covered.
Items made out of particle board/pressboard are not covered.
Customers are required to wrap all "expensive" merchandise that are breakable or easily scratched in order for a major damage claim to apply.  If an item is damaged that is not wrapped by the customer, only a minor damage discount will apply. The trucks do come equipped with padding for the movers to use while loading for stacking the truck for transportation.  


 ANY issues during your move must be reported to the movers and the customer service representative prior to completion of the move.  With damage issues, it must be apparent that it occurred during the move.  Packing and wrapping requirements must be met for a major damage claim to apply.  Insurance does not cover any item that 2 movers are not able to comfortably lift/dolly and items that even with careful maneuvering damage/scratching may occur due to placing the item through a doorway or hallway that the item will not go through without touching the wall/door frame.  Only items noted on the contact form or emails are covered.  Per item weight limit of 200 pounds.  Items made of particle board/press board are not covered by insurance.  Damage caused by unhooking a washer by the normal turning force of a wrench is not covered.
Anything reported after the movers departure is not admissible for a discount or insurance claim.  This policy is strictly enforced in order to help alleviate false claims in order to keep the rates low.  It only takes a few minutes to check the more costly items, that if damage occurred, would be above the deductible.  Breaking of the policy will require immediate payment of the discount since it is contingent on following the agreement.  An insurance agent will not file a claim solely based on your "word" without any proof that the damage occurred during the move. Minor damage/cosmetic claims are limited to 10%.  Major damage claims of breakage are limited to 50% of the base cost of the move or .60 per pound, whichever is greater.  Insurance claims are typically settled within 10 to 14 business days.  The customer pays the deductible and insurance will pay up to 50% of the base cost of the move directly to the company responsible for the repair or replacement.