Once the quote form is completed, you will receive a quote via email usually within the hour.  If you do not receive a quote in a timely manner, please call the America's Choice Customer Service Rep at 513-578-0319.  

You do the packing, we do the loading, hauling and unloading into the appropriate rooms.  The vans do come equipped with a dolly and moving blankets (the blankets are for use while stacking the van to prepare for transportation)



Moves are done in Sprinter High Top Extended Cargo Vans.  496 cubic feet (46 cubic feet more than a uhaul 12ft box truck).  

Current Rates for a Sprinter Cargo Van and 2 movers:
FLAT RATE with a van and 2 movers
$160 for the 1st load.  $100 for each additional load.  
Mileage between your addresses:  $1.89 per mile.  Starting at your 1st address and ending when the move is completed.  

Trip fee/minimums from warehouse:  If at least one of the addresses is located within 25 miles of Covington, trip fee $0. 
If neither address is within 25 miles, but at least one address is within 45 miles of covington, for a 2 trip or more move - $0 trip fee, For a 1 load move - $40 fee.  
If the closest address to covington is over 45 miles, for a 2 trip or more move - $1.89 per mile over 45 miles.  For a 1 load move - $40 fee plus $1.89 per mile for mileage over 45 miles.  
(For example, New Orleans area move, if it takes 2 trips, then the trip fee is $0.  If only 1 trip is needed, the fee is $40.  For a Baton Rouge area move, if it takes 2 trips, the trip mileage will average $40.  For a 1 trip Baton Rouge area move, the trip fee is $40 plus a mileage trip fee averaging $40 for a total of $80)  

Free released value protection insurance is included (.60 cents per pound or up to 50% of the cost of the move, whichever is greater) with a $200 deductible.  Any issue must be reported prior to the movers leaving.