North Shore, New Orleans, Baton Rouge Pickup/Delivery:

Pickup and delivers are done with a sprinter extended 13ft Cargo Van, equal in cubic feet to a 12ft box truck.

1 item:  $40 with 1 mover.  $60 with 2 movers.  
2 to 5 items:  $60 with 1 mover.  $80 with 2 movers.

Over 5 items up to a full van load:  $80 with 1 mover:  $100 with 2 movers.
Additional addresses (more than 2 addresses):  add $40 per address.
Stairs or Elevator:  add $20 per address.

Additional loads:  $80 per load with 1 mover.  $100 per load with 2 movers.

***for 1 mover:  if an item requires 2 to lift, then someone must be at each address to help.
***each item must weigh under 200 pounds.  
***prices include the van, 1 to 2 movers, dolly, blankets to use for stacking the van for transportation, up to 30 miles between address (over 30 miles, add $1.89 per mile)